Episode 5

Published on:

5th Jan 2021

Slow the F Down with Happiness

In these extra tough times, happiness can seem elusive and unimportant... even frivolous. But once you hear the neuroscience of happiness and what it can do for your love life and finances - you are going to come over to the light side! Happy 2021! Let's slow down and make this year our happiest!!

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About the Podcast

Slow the F Down Show
It’s time to take a break from your fast-paced life. Sensuality Coach Casey Hall and Trauma Healer Elizabeth Menzel give you PRACTICAL Science-based skills to help you deal with the stress of the pandemic.

Elizabeth and Casey have over 41 years of combined professional coaching and healing experience in trauma, wellness, sensuality, and the science of happiness. Never once have they helped their clients succeed by speeding up. Making time for the things that truly matter in your life requires slowing the F down and being present enough to enjoy them.

In each episode, we share stories, skills, and a Slow Down playlist to keep you and your loved ones chill AF throughout this challenging time.

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